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Sunland Gin, Other Area Roads Closed Due To Flash Flooding - Trivalleycentral.com: News

Flood damage Pinal County officials were watching storm conditions for road and wash flooding, said Joe Pyritz, county public information officer. At mid-afternoon Monday morning, roads near Apache Junction, Arizona City, Maricopa, Coolidge, Casa Grande, Eloy, Stanfield, this site kim kardashian watch San Tan Valley and Mammoth remained closed. A current road closure list in Pinal County is available online at http://pinalcountyaz.gov/departments/publicworks . Every time we receive rain in the amounts we are seeing at this time, there will always be road closures, especially on roads that cross washes that tend to flood, like the Santa Cruz and San Pedro, Pyritz said. Sandbags were being http://mattxlaa.mylivepage.com provided to some residents Monday morning in flooded parts of the county, according to Pyritz. The floodwaters gushing over Sunland Gin Road south of Arizona City made it impossible go to website for residents to get to their homes in http://wallinside.com/post-44246835-khloe-kardashian-denies-pregnancy-rumors-i-feel-like-ive-been-pregnant-for-6-years-upicom.html Silverbell Estates.
Source: http://www.trivalleycentral.com/arizona_city_independent/news/sunland-gin-other-area-roads-closed-due-to-flash-flooding/article_e142c6a6-3de1-11e4-b8bf-a3ab06317fce.html

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