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Diatribe Records Solo Series Ii

Enter the album name hereexternal link /> The music is, in the main, rooted in tradition but the peaceful air "Easter Snow" is the only arrangement of a traditional tune. O Raghallaigh has previously recorded "What What What" with This Is How We Fly, where percussion and clarinet shaped the tune; here the tune is stripped bare to its melodic essenceachingly beautiful, graceful and uplifting. If ever a recording demonstrated that less is more, it's Music for an Elliptical Orbit. O Raghallaigh's simple narratives, beautifully spun, make for musical poetry. Cora Venus Lunny Diatribe Recordings 2014 Twelve years ago Cora Venus Lunny would have been described as an internationally renowned classical violinist. These days it's not so simple to stick her music in kim kardashian with no makeup a box. A guest spot on Sinead O'Connor's album of traditional Irish songs Sean-Nos Nua (Vanguard, 2002) kick-started an on-going view series of adventurous collaborations with the likes of Damien Rice, Kayne West and Nigel Kennedy. Lunny is also a http://calebmadi.newsvine.com member of electronic folk band Fovea Hex , jazz-folk-Balkan ensemble Yurodny and contemporary Irish music outfit Ensemble ICC.
Source: http://www.allaboutjazz.com/diatribe-records-solo-series-ii-by-ian-patterson.php

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